Scott, a young snowboarding champion, and his girlfriend, Arianne, narrowly escape a brutal attack by an apex predator on the slopes of a remote mountain in the Canadian Yukon. Scott's best friend is killed, while Arianne is wounded and hospitalised. Authorities believe the group encountered a grizzly, but Scott has seen the creature and knows it is something far more dangerous.

Scott’s grandfather, a First Nations Elder, tells Scott the legend of Yakatutch, an indigenous warrior who committed an unspeakable crime against his people, 250 years ago. As punishment, Yakatutch was cursed to live as a beast and banished for eternity. Scott suspects the legendary beast is responsible for his friend’s death, but authorities remain unconvinced.

With help from his zoologist father, Scott uncovers DNA evidence of what he believes is Yakatutch. When Scott discovers his own bloodline is linked to Yakatutch, Scott learns he is the only one who can defeat the creature. But first, Scott must overcome his fear, unearth his heritage and, with help from his First Nations half-brother, Matusa, learn the only way to end the curse.

From her injuries, Arianne absorbs Yakatutch’s DNA, which creates an inescapable bond between herself and the creature. When Arianne’s wounds heal at an unprecedented rate, Scott’s father discovers Yakatutch has “chimeric” DNA, which allows the creature to absorb the DNA of animals it feeds on, and gives it the ability to heal rapidly, while constantly evolving. Believing the creature’s DNA could provide breakthrough medical cures, Scott’s father shares his research with a pharmaceutical company, which sends expert trapper Lara Bishop and her team of hunters to lure Yakatutch from its lair and capture it.

After centuries of isolation, Yakatutch’s encounter with Arianne awakens its desire to become human once more, confusing her with memories of its former wife. During the town’s winter festival, mayhem ensues when Yakatutch captures Arianne and heads for its cave, believing she is what it needs to become human again. When Scott is unable to convince authorities that he is the only one who can stop the creature, Bishop and her team of hunters set off, tracking Yakatutch by helicopter. With Arianne’s fate in the balance, Scott and his father head to Yakatutch's lair.

Intercepted by Bishop, Yakatutch and Arianne are badly wounded, but escape to the cave, where Arianne witnesses the true nature of Yakatutch and the miracle of the creature's DNA. Scott finds Arianne alive, but before he can face Yakatutch and end the curse, he must confront Bishop, who will stop at nothing to capture her prey. To save Arianne, Scott must embrace his destiny, and decide whether to save or destroy Yakatutch.


To make an exciting, suspenseful and emotionally satisfying movie for the broadest theatrical and home entertainment audience, featuring a fresh young cast of Canadian, Australian and Indigenous (First Nation) actors, and roles for established A-list stars.

"The Legend of Yakatutch" takes the popular ‘monster-on-the-loose’ concept of hit movies like "Predator", "Jurassic Park" and "King Kong", and mixes exciting new characters and settings that will attract the genre’s established audience, while adding a compelling new monster to the ranks of Hollywood’s most popular creatures.