In The Legend of Yakatutch, a Tutchone Elder (Scott’s maternal Grandfather) tells the story of a warrior named Yakatutch, who was cursed for an unspeakable crime against his people, then banished to the mountains 250 years ago. Since then, Yakatutch has transformed into a ferocious creature, which feeds on the animals in its domain. Standing seven feet tall and covered with white and grey fur, Yakatutch walks on two legs and runs on all-fours, like a great ape. With massive arms and four-inch claws on its hands and feet, Yakatutch can run over icy surfaces and tear the flesh off its prey with ease. Yakatutch has assimilated the DNA of its victims, constantly evolving and altering its appearance. Many of its victims are predators themselves, giving Yakatutch a distinct survival advantage.

A bipedal, ape-like creature, Yakatutch resembles the classic Sasquatch or Yeti, combined with several unique characteristics. Short, curled horns on its head resemble the Dall Sheep, the most abundant species in the Kluane, and suggests the creature’s evolutionary process - taking DNA from animals within its domain. A detailed ‘maquette’ of Yakatutch, shown in the images above, has been sculpted by designer David Downes. This design was conceived with careful consideration for the life-sized suit that will be made.